About Smarty P. Jones

Smarty P. Jones

Smarty’s World is the cyber home of journalist, Tiffany S. Jones’ curmudgeon alter ego, Smarty P. Jones. Driven mad from trying to stay neutral in mainstream media, Jones has created a place to vent her frustrations about life, the news of the day and everything in between.

She hails from the great Tarheel State of North Carolina where she currently resides and matriculated from the finest institution of higher learning better known as N.C. A&T State University.

Jones is an eight-year newspaper veteran and has covered topics from entertainment to politics to education and she’s been known to know -ish from time to time.

Though she does her best to blend in with the walls and furniture, her quick-wit, sarcasm and no-nonsense attitude make her stand out in any crowd.

She can usually be found wasting time on Facebook, Twitter or the next hottest social networking site. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing, listening to music, watching TV or saying the things you think but won’t say.