Majoring in the minor …

Usually on Mondays, I try to give you all a little motivation to help you make it through your day and hopefully, your week. The events of late Thursday night/early Friday morning and people’s reactions have forced me to make a detour and make an attempt to try to slow some of you people down.

To catch you up, a lone gunman shot up a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colo., killing 12 and wounding more than 50. The suspect has been identified at 24-year-old James Holmes, a Ph.D. student who entered the theater in riot gear armed with gas canisters, an automatic assault rifle, a 12-guage shot gun and a glock.

Reports state that Holmes threw a canister and started shooting people as they tried to flee. Survivors recalled the attack saying they thought it was a part of premiere night antics and then it quickly turned into chaos complete with screaming and blood and horror. I don’t even want to imagine what they much have been going through. My heart and my prayers go out to everyone in that theater and to the families left picking up the pieces.

There were families in that theater, some with children as young as three months, who were hurt. If I’m not mistaken, the youngest murder victim was 6-years-old. This leads me to the first portion of my sickness with people’s reactions on Twitter. Some folks were questioning why there were babies at the movie theater anyway and why kids that young were at a theater that late at night. *smh* To me, this is akin to blaming the victim.

I don’t have kids. I know quite a few people with them, tho. I’ve been to the movies with my siblings and cousins who, when they can’t get a babysitter, simply bring the baby with them. It’s no crime to take your children with you to a movie. It’s ignorant and insensitive to blame those parents for their children’s injuries and death. This is a case of wrong place/wrong time. It’s only Holmes’ fault – allegedly.

Another thing that I’m seeing a lot of is comparisons to the senseless murders in Chicago. Last weekend alone, Chicago saw the death of four and the injury of 27 more, all at the hands of gun violence. That was just in the past three days. Twitter and Facebook have spoken out asking how come the country isn’t just as outraged at the deaths in Chicago. Twitter and Facebook have also made this into a black and white issue saying if Holmes was a man of color, he would be dead already instead of just in jail. Twitter and Facebook have even gone so far to say that Holmes is being viewed as mentally ill because he’s white and if he were black or Latino he’d be seen as violent or if he were a Muslim, he’d be a terrorist.

We have to stop majoring in the minor. He is a terrorist regardless of his race. A terrorist is a person who frightens or terrorizes others. If that isn’t Holmes, allegedly, I don’t know what is… And, these shootings in Chicago are being reported as gang related. These gang members are also terrorists. The difference here is this is a case of Chicago’s chickens coming home to roost. The problems of these violent gangs should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. What Chicago is seeing now is a manifestation of disregard on the part of law enforcement and neighbors and a strengthening group of frustrated, under-served and increasing violent generation of people. Comparing the shootings in Chicago to what happened in Aurora is like comparing apples to tomatoes – they’re both fruit but not the same.

And FYI, Holmes is a suspect and what he did is alleged until a jury of his peers convicts him. The media’s hands are tied as it relates to these kinds of cases. No outlet can call him a murderer or a terrorist outside the confines of quotation marks because it then becomes libel and slander and those outlets can be sued.

What are your thoughts? Are too many people majoring in the minor?

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