Monday Motivation

Happy New Week! I hope your weekend brought you all some much-needed fun and rest. As you begin this week, I wanted to offer up a bit of motivation to help you shake off those Monday blues.

Every since I can remember, I have been a sneaker fanatic. I’m not sure if it is because I played sports or the fact that I can barely walk in heels that made me love the plush feeling of a fresh pair of sneakers. Like all addicts, I have a drug of choice. My choice has always been Nike. Don’t get me wrong, I have owned Reebok, Adidas and a pair of Sketchers here and there. But there was always something about a pair of Nikes. I always thought it was because they were comfortable. Now I understand that it was because the brand served as a source of constant motivation. A while back, Nike’s slogan was, “Just Do It.” That to me has been more than just an advertising campaign slogan. It has sort of become a way of life.

Last year, I blogged about how Kirk Franklin’s album, “Hello, Fear” has been helping me shake the hold fear has had over my life. Since I have been moving out of that place, I have adopted, “Just Do It” as a lifestyle. You should, too. No longer shall we sit back and spend our time daydreaming and admiring others for their courage. Let’s get some! You wanna get a new job? Just do it. You wanna go back to school? Just do it. You wanna take a leap out of your comfort zone? By all and any means necessary – just do it. Do it. Doooooo Eeeeeeeeet!

You have to be your own source of motivation. You are your reason for moving beyond that place you’re in now. Take off whatever is weighing you down. Untie yourself from whatever is holding you back. Shed those things, those people, that fear. It’s keeping you from your greatness. Get up, get out and just do it, whatever IT is for you. Take some deep breaths, say a prayer and make this Monday the first day of the best days of your life. Just do it!

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