Hello Fear …

It’s no secret that I love music. All kinds of music from R&B to rock to show tunes. Music has the ability to clear up all things muddled in my life. As much as I love music, I have to admit that gospel is among my most favorite genres. It’s inspirational, motivational and I just love it to pieces.

As of late, there’s been a lot of soul-searching and prayer going on in my house as I have reached a time in my life where I am trying to decide what’s next for me. While trying to look ahead, I looked back to see where I went wrong so that I don’t repeat those mistakes. Like a lot of other folks, I noticed I’ve been making a lot of decisions out of fear. And to add more crazy to this crazy party, my fear is not that of failure, it’s of success.

Just a few weeks after having that conversation with my trained mental health professional (see also: counselor/therapist), Kirk Franklin’s latest release, “Hello Fear” dropped. Two words. Life. Changing.

While my situation didn’t instantly change, my outlook did. The title track forces you to address and speak directly to your fear then kick it out of your life. When I first heard it I played it no less than five times in a row. To me the most powerful lyric in that song has to be the chorus:

“Never again will I love you,
My heart it refuses to be your home,
No longer your prisoner,
Today I remember
Apart from you is where I belong …”

Other songs like “I Am,” “But the Blood,” and “Everyone Hurts” helps the most fearful of us remember that we’re not in this alone. We’re all sinners healed by the blood and we all hurt at some point but He’s still there for us. It’s songs like these that make Franklin a consistent source for motivation and comfort.

For me, the songs that have the greatest impact, after the title track, is “At the Altar” and “The Moment Part 1.” Franklin returned to his traditional gospel roots with some awesome soloists in Marvin Sapp and Beverly Crawford in “At the Altar” and Myron Butler and one of Franklin’s background singers whose voice in which I’m not familiar. The importance of both songs are to invite the Father and the Son in to occupy the space where your fear used to be.

This album has done and is doing wonders for my feelings and the position I have allowed my fear to put me in. So, on this day, before you my precious readers and friends, I am serving my fear its eviction notice. There are great things in store for me and I’m convinced that I won’t know which store until I get rid of this fear. LoL! So, fear, kick rocks!

Oh yea, if you like gospel music, make sure you get this album. If you like Kirk Franklin, you’ll love this album.

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8 responses to “Hello Fear …

  1. I love this c.d., however, I don’t love the fact that he looks as if he is wearing lipstick, eyeshadow, and a fake mole on the Smile video. It truly vexed my spirit. Nor, did I like that he added Tupac’s chorus in the song, and let Jacob Lusk act affeminate as he sung it on American Idol. Just my opinion.

    • Smarty P. Jones

      Thanks for your comment, Camille. I’ve seen that video several times and I didn’t see any of that. He’s always had that mole. Maybe it looks more pronounced now because that the video was shot in HD. *shrug*

      As for him “letting” an adult act in anyway, I don’t buy that. Adults can and do act any way they want, effeminate or not. And I am a believer in the fact that I can get the Lord’s word through anything and anybody. If He spoke through a donkey, he can certainly speak through people.

      I’m a believer in being who you are and being the person God created you to be whether you’re wearing make up or acting effeminate or whatever. All of these labels and stigmas were created by people when gender roles were assigned and I don’t subscribe to them. Just my opinion.

  2. As you look back, don’t regret anything! Our mistakes are teaching tools; remember that.

    Good luck in evicting fear. I struggle with that on a daily basis. Through prayer and listening to KLOVE (Christian music station, 94.1 in GSO and online), I’ve been makin’ it through.

    Great things are bound to come your way. You’re a very talented, intelligent lady. :)

  3. Hey T.,

    I know I haven’t been by in a while and I haven’t forgotten about you, but I haven’t been online in a while, so I’m visiting everyone on my blogroll. :) And I’m not on Twitter or anything.

    I’ll have to check that album out. I love gospel as well.

    Oh, and I’m giving away a book that I think you’d want to check out.

    BTW, are you on Goodreads.com?

    • Smarty P. Jones

      Hey lady! I am not. I guess it’s something I should check out. And I’ll be by your spot momentarily. I haven’t been over there in a while.

  4. Great album and I’m glad you told me to give it another listen. Yesterday I was having a particularly bad day and my iPod shuffled to the Never Alone Interlude and I cried and felt instantly better.

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