It’s Tre Day!!!

A handful of pics I have of Tre.

Fourteen years ago on this date, unto the world was born a special boy. One who would live on Earth for 12 years but live on in the hearts of his family and friends much longer. Unto us was given one Andrew Levern Grice III. He brought us all love, laughter and one of the best smiles this side of Heaven. He’s been gone for almost two years but it seems like just yesterday. I miss his hugs. I miss his laugh. I even miss him rushing me off the phone.

But today’s post is not a sad one because for the past 14 years, May 25 has not been a day of sadness for my family. It’s been one of celebration and that will not EVER change because his body is absent. So I say to my brother, Andy, my friend, Sandy and the rest of my family, we have to smile and celebrate him through our tears. Let’s break out the cake and ice cream and cue up Stevie, it’s Tre Day!!!!

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One response to “It’s Tre Day!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Tre!

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