The day my life changed …

November 18, 2008 started out as any other regular Tuesday. Went to work, wrote a few stories had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. While all of this seems trivial, it was that day that my life changed forever.

Because I went to Chick-Fil-A, I had to have the lemonade. Not the small or even the medium size, I had to have the large. It was Chick-Fil-A for crying out loud. Chick-Fil-A lemonade is liquid crack. In a cup.

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As the afternoon progressed, I started feeling an intense pain in my lower back. It was kind of sharp at times and other times just a nagging throb. I’d never felt this pain before nor had I ever heard anyone else speak of it. My initial thought was maybe it was an infection of some sort. Either way, I needed a doctor to tell me what was wrong so I could handle it.

I took off work and headed straight to the Urgent Care as I did not have a primary physician. Yes, I was 26 and no I did not have a primary physician. At that point I felt like I didn’t need one. While at urgent care, they had me do the standard urinalysis to check for infections. The nurses alerted me that there was an abundance of sugar present in my urine and they wanted to test my blood sugar.

The nurse pricked my finger and put what seemed like the largest drop of blood ever on a test strip connected to a meter that gave me the reading of a whopping 362. For those of you who don’t understand blood sugars, a healthy reading should be 140-160 two hours after eating. The fact that mine was more than two times what it should have been is frightening – now. At that time, I was surprisingly calm.

This potentially deadly disease, along with hypertension and heart disease, is running rampant on both sides of my family. I am a walking risk factor for all these diseases. I was (am) overweight. I was inactive. I ate (eat) like shit and downed sugary drinks like they were going out of style. My name is Tiffany S. Jones and I am the face of diabetes.

Funny thing, though, I didn’t have many of the symptoms. I didn’t notice the excessive thirst or frequent urination because I have been drinking about a gallon of water a day for nearly 10 years. I’m constantly tired because I don’t sleep much. I assumed the numbness in my hands was me developing carpal tunnel as I sit in front of a computer screen all day. And the blurred vision, well, I thought that came from me not wearing my glasses for extended periods of time. Add all that to the fact that I hadn’t had a full physical since I was 18 and there you have it, a recipe for disaster.

My hope here is to let you all in on what it’s like to be a young, semi-active diabetic and hopefully help you out along the way. Welcome to another side of Smarty’s World.

13 responses to “The day my life changed …

  1. Can you please explain the source of the pain you were experiencing. The sharpness and dullness- I’m willing to bet it was on your left side?

  2. It was on the left side.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think so many don’t know or even ignore the signs of certain illnesses so hearing someone’s actual story can only potentially help soomeone else.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story! Diabetes is prevalent on both sides of my family so I only know it is a matter of time before genetics catches up with me. But since I had my little one I have been running 3 miles 4 days a week. I would much rather walk then run but I get quicker results. Lol take care or yourself and ALWAYS have a primary care physician

  5. Oh WOW! Thanks for sharing your experience, I know what you are going through is a tough situation. Hopefully your post will help others to be more aware about their health…hang in there and your can BEAT THIS (its possible)

  6. Smarty P. Jones

    Thanks guys!!! This will be an addition to the site. This won’t take over, but there will be several posts about my life with diabetes. Hopefully it will help some folks and help me, too!

  7. Thank you for this girl…even though I’m slim, I have been wondering if I’m having symptoms too…Time to make an appointment!

  8. My lord!! You hear about diabetes,but your post is the first time I have a window into the diagnosis. This was chilling. I look forward to more.

  9. mzinspiredmind

    My father has diabetes. A few weeks ago I had some of the symptoms you had. I went to my PCP and had a bunch of blood drawn and tests run(ran? don’t judge me lol). My results came back normal but one thing my PCP said still stands out to me…He said the best way to prevent diabetes is by taking care of yourself like you already have it. That has caused me to drastically change a lot of things about my diet.

    • Smarty P. Jones

      That makes a whole lot of sense. I suppose if I’d had one before I actually got diagnosed, I would have been better off.

  10. Brave post. I often had questions about your diabetes but thought it was out of bounds. Great post.

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