About #NoBuyMonth …


… See what had happened was …

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Natalie P. McNeal’s “The Frugalista Files: How One Woman Got Out of Debt Without Giving Up the Fabulous Life.” If not, shame on you. Buy the book! Anyway, I have been participating in #NoBuyMonth and I have to say, it’s been pretty brutal. IDK what went wrong last weekend, but, great day in the morning, I spent a lot of money.

OK, so, I started off really well. I was cooking every night and then – last weekend came and I sort of ate out three times in two days. *hangs head* And then I went to Wendy’s last night. I was hungry, OK? And pressed for time. Please, don’t judge me!

So, here’s the deal, I spent about $15 each time including the tips. First at a new place called Kickback Jacks, then at Red Robin and California Pizza Kitchen. I mean, I really wanted to go out with my friends and my cousins. And let’s face it, I am a fat kid and fat kids like food. It was bad, but, I am cooking today and I’m taking leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. OK?

Personally, I think it’s great considering I used to eat out like twice a day. Yes, I know. #scandalous But it was easy! I’d just stop and pick up my dinner from a drive-thru window and keep going until I got home. This practice was not only reeking havoc on my bank account, but the #DamnDiabetes too. I’m pretty sure my blood sugars have been better this first half of February.

In addition to the $45 I spent eating out at the aforementioned restaurants, I also spent $7 at Wendy’s and $38 on my niece’s graduation gift which I already have prior approval from The Frugalista for a $50 gift, so, I save $12 right there. *happy dance* But hey, I know it’s not enough. I have disappointed myself, but I will not let this setback deter me. The plan is to move forward in my spending as little as possible month. It had to be renamed in light of my wrecklessness.

On Friday, I will be getting ready to make part of my drive to my brother’s house for my vacation next week. #NoBuyMonth or no, I will NOT be missing my niece’s graduation. I would gladly suffer a week or two to be there to support her on her graduation day. #judgeme #Icarenot

So tell me, how have you all been doing? Have you been sticking to your #NoBuyPlan? If so, kudos to you. If not, whatcha buy? I won’t judge you, I promise!

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4 responses to “About #NoBuyMonth …

  1. oh I was suppose to be doing this with you? I guess I should turn in my uniform huh?

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  3. Don’t feel too bad; it’s a minor set-back that you can easily regroup from…no judgement here! One tip, always have something handy in the freezer that you can just throw on the George Foreman or throw in the skillet (pre-seasoned salmon, chicken breast) and some frozen veggies. Quickie meal no muss/no fuss!

  4. I say you are doing well. Note for next time, pick a month that does not include major non-negotiables, like attending a graduation.

    I have reined in my spending, and am looking to cute more because i fall into the feast or famine category of spenders. Either I spend nothing, or I go banannas. I want to own a home, so I need to saddown somewhere w/ the ridiculous spending.

    That being said, I’m doing my no-buy month next month, as there are no major temptations (travel, bdays, big events) to deter me. All I have to worry about is the everyday normal stuff that calls at the coins in my pockets.

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