Advertisers do not care about black people …

… or white people. Or Asian people. Or Latino people. They care about green dollars. Nothing more, nothing less – just money. OK?


Of course this comes after the uproar over Superbowl commercials. If you’re anything like half of the game’s viewers, you tune in specifically to see the commercials. Unless your team is playing, the most entertaining part of the game is the commercials. I will admit, this year’s commercials fell a lil’ short. IDK what was going on with advertisers this year, but the majority of the commercials missed the mark.

For example, in one of Doritos “fithy-lebem” commercials, “The Best Part,” there was hella inappropriateness. Like, I felt violated after I saw this madness. I watched the game alone this year, but I did have the “Blank Negro Stare” poppin’ off. I even Tweeted it, then one of my new Caucasian friends urged me to throw in a “Blank Cracka Stare,” too. I think I still feel violated.

With all the bad, there were a couple to balance out the foolishness. My favorites were the Audi commercial that had all of my social networks vowing to “hit ‘em with the Kenny G,” all day yesterday. And of course, another Doritos commercial that had us sprinkling the crunchy goodness over everything from ourselves to our tax returns, pay stubs and lottery tickets.

Now, my favorite happened to be the one commercial causing the most controversy amongst black folks. If you haven’t seen it, take a gander:

Now, tell me, what is wrong with that? When I saw that one, I laughed from a good, healthy place for at least two minutes. You see this woman after her husband about his consumption of all this junk food that is NO good for him, then you see them both enjoying a can of Pepsi Max. They share a smile, a young white girl takes a seat on a bench beside them, he gets caught looking at her. The wife gets pissed and throws the can at her husband. He ducks, she hits the white girl.

A whole gaggle of Negroes, men and women are offended. Apparently, it encourages domestic violence against men while reinforcing the stereotypes of angry black women and black men wanting to secretly be with a white woman. All day long, I heard the question, “what if the roles were reversed?” To that I say, it was a commercial. A frickin’ 25-second, advertisement for a product.

Since when do we look to commercials to be the most positive thing on TV? The job of commercials is to be memorable so that you can associate that euphoric feeling of amusement when you see the product in the store and BUY IT! Advertisements aren’t meant to be the litmus test for tolerance.

Commercials actors are, more often than not, caricatures of people and creatures. If real people sold products, there would be no need to look for specific types or racially ambiguous people. We’d buy everything based on word of mouth. Nobody is up in arms about the Geico gecko misrepresenting amphibians. Nobody cares that the Mayhem guy for Allstate makes my nieces and nephews fear crazy-looking white guys. But, because black folks feel the need to look for racism in everything, they found it.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. This racism witch hunt is an insult to people who had to endure actual racism, not just hurt feelings. My suggestion, if you don’t want to see anymore of this kind of thing, throw out your damn TV and disconnect from your broadband. This shit is all around you. Advertisers are equal opportunity offenders. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Move the hell on and find something else to be offended over.


7 responses to “Advertisers do not care about black people …

  1. I laughed my ass off at that commercial. Hilarious. And you’re right. It’s just a commercial. The strange homo-eroticism of Doritos won’t have folks boycotting the nacho cheese chips.

    Better yet, are these same folks looking at the racism that’s REALLY prevalent in their communities? Or worse, the classism? Look at incarceration rates, home foreclosure trends, graduation rates for high school and college. Those links are much easier to find than digging deep in a 25-second commercial.

  2. Good post!

    I feel where you’re coming from. I can’t say that I was offended by the commercials that I saw on Sunday. I do agree that Madison Avenue cares about GREEN and they don’t care about who gets offended in their process.

    Most Super Bowl commercials take too long to even IDENTIFY what the product is. If you have a short attention span, you may miss it. As much as I don’t like that State Farm commercial (you know the one), I saw something that really offended me on tv.

    I got a chance to see the “great” Nicki Minaj on SNL from 2 wks ago. She performed in a skit that was strictly about how big her ass is. We all know how big her ass is…and I love ass just like the next man but damn! When she did get a chance to speak in the skit, it was the “ghetto girl” role. You know…loud, abbrasive, eyes rollin, finger pointing, and shit talkin’. To see an African American woman portrayed as a ghetto queen with a big ass is not what I wanna see on tv. You would think that SHE would have been offended when they handed her the script. But maybe she don’t see what we see.

    *steps off soapbox*

    • Here’s the deal, Nikki Minaj is a caricature, that’s why real hip hop heads don’t like her music. Everything about her screams “cartoon.”

      SNL’s main purpose is satire and comedy. Sketch comedy shows like that always play on racial and gender stereotypes. They always have. When it’s black folks making fun of black folks, we call “genius.” Don’t believe me? Look back on “The Richard Pryor Show,” “The Flip Wilson Show,” “In Living Color” and “Chappelle’s Show.” We just get extra offended when they do it.

      My point is what is the use in getting angry when talking about the angry black woman/man stereotypes. You are only proving that point. Aren’t we beyond having one speak for the entire race?

      This is turning into a brand new post. To be continued …

  3. I thought the Pepsi commercial was funny. It was a commercial, take it for what it was. As you mentioned, I don’t look to TV commercials to learn about tolerance or racism. It’s an advertisement. It’s entertainment. People do enjoy geting “up in arms” over things, so I guess commercials make it easy for them.

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