Don’t wake me, I’m dreaming …

“If you build it, they will come.” (c) Field of Dreams

Quick poll, as a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What kind of home did you want? What kind of family? Did you have your car picked out? What about the city you’d live in? I can honestly say, I don’t remember any of those plans I made for myself. All of my life plans started coming into focus when I was a junior in high school.

"Your morning hostess with the mostess ..."

I wanted to be a radio personality. Around that time, Tom Joyner started getting really big in several markets. There was Russ Parr, Doug Banks, Michael Baisden had a show. I mean a lot of males had their own drive-time radio shows with female co-hosts and sidekicks. I was going to be the first. I did everything I was supposed to do. I went to college, immersed myself in the culture hanging out at radio stations. I managed to produce several talk shows and host everything from jazz to gospel to R&B and Hip Hop. I was pretty good, too. *shrug* I was.

It was in college that I realized that’s not what I wanted to do. It was a great skill to have, but not necessarily one I “needed” to be a writer, not just any kind of writer – a journalist. Then, I dreamed of being a media mogul of sorts. I wanted to basically OWN the editorial pages like Cynthia Tucker and have influence like Oprah (no last name needed) yet be connected and committed to improving the future for young African-Americans through education like Tom Joyner. That was the goal, the dream really.

Once I graduated and realized journalism is not for the faint of heart and nobody listens to you until you’re older than 25 and really, 30, I needed something new. Something else to work towards. But like all goals, I needed to dream them up. Growing up in a poor rural town the child of blue-collar parents, dreaming is a luxury – one that we can’t always afford. I was once told, “dream in one hand, do with the other and watch which one fills up faster.” And for 28 years, that has been my way of thinking. I never stopped to dream about the next step, just worked with tunnel vision never seeing the future. I am happy to report that has all changed since Bangs and a Bun launched her new Field of Dreams project.

I have started building my own ‘field of dreams’ by taking time each day to think about what it is I want and what I’m working towards and I gotta tell you folks, it feels mah-valous! There are several things I have plans to do that I don’t want to reveal quit yet, but there are some things I am more than happy to share with you.

In the picture below, you see a make shift postcard. In the background is a beautiful beach. I dream of putting myself in a similar setting at the very least twice a year. The beach allows me to think clearly and just become one with God and marvel at his work.

Next there are three pictures intertwined of a screenplay, an Academy Award and the word “success.” Simply put, I dream to write an Oscar-winning screenplay. Then there’s a big house with a porch. I dream to own a similar house, with a similar porch in the North Carolina countryside. I am very country and Southern and I can’t see having a house without one. That is for the days I can’t get to the beach.

There’s also a silhouette of a family, a tag that says healthy living and a happy face. I dream to a happy, healthy family and I want to live my best healthy life to be around to enjoy it all. Above all of this, I dream of total, utter, complete and delirious happiness. That starts from within and it takes work.

It's on the way ...

So, what am I doing to make this happen, you ask? I’m writing like crazy to get better at this craft and trying to figure out the classes and seminars I can go to so I can learn more. I’m making plans and eventually moves to transition into a happier place in my life and most importantly, I will not ever again allow myself to stop dreaming. It’s vital. It’s necessary and I suggest you take Andre 3000’s advice, “… motherf**k the wagon, come join the band …”

Get in on this. Commence to #fieldofdreamsin. Visit the site. Send in your dreams. Follow the project on Twitter for some daily affirmations and encouragement. I’ll be with you every step of the way doing it for myself! Thanks, Bangs!

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3 responses to “Don’t wake me, I’m dreaming …

  1. *high five* This is awesome Smarty. Loves it! It really does help to visualise these things and be clear on what you want. You’re gonna step into this in no time. Right attitude + positivity + hard work will get you there.

  2. Love it. I’m totally with this. I’m loving what Bangs is doing and it has made me question what I can do to help myself rather than expect everything to come to me.

    Too many people these days EXPECT everything easy. People need to realise that anything WORTH having is not going to come easy.

    I’m also plugging away, working hard to make things happen for myself and my family.

    Bangs had me standing up and clapping the other day when she tweeted. Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when I’m reaching for the stars.

    I have now wrote that down and look at it every day. And I truly believe in it.

    Great post x x

  3. Kudos to you my dear!..

    I need to get on this band wagon.. Been in a funk for nearly four months… need to dig out and make moves,

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