When I think tea baggers …

… arbitrarily angry ass people are not what I have in mind. I won’t go into detail about what I KNOW tea baggers are, but let’s just say it ain’t got nothing to do with no damn politics, OK?

The sentiment of tea baggers everywhere.

So, anyway, all over the country, clusters of people unhappy with the POTUS and Congress’ fiscal decision have formed “tea parties” in honor of the Boston Tea Party where people threw tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773 in protest of the British government. (Mmhmm, I wasn’t just passing notes in Mr. Kemp’s U.S. History-Honors class)
So, because these modern day protesters can’t very well toss sick and poor people into anybody’s harbor legally, so they have been holding symbolic tea parties, some going as far as to decorate signs and head gear with actual tea bags. Hey, I’m all about protesting the things you’re against. I’m all for exercising your rights to freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble, but some of these tea parties and tea baggers have gotten out of hand.
You guys have seen/heard me discuss Twitter here before. My time line boasts some of the funniest, smartest, most intelligent, thought-provoking Tweets on Twitter. So, simply put, my timeline > than yours. Anyway, the events of the last two weeks, mainly health care reform, has pissed off the tea baggers to the highest level of pisstivity.

**Side note** Can we call them something else? When I say tea baggers, my mind just goes to the wrong place. I can’t call them “tea party people” because then they sound like they’re cool and they’re characters in “Alice in Wonderland.” And when I hear “tea party” I think little girls in frilly dresses with tea sets and dolls and miniature tables and chairs.

Anyway, I follow radio talk show host Claudia Jordan on Twitter. She said Sunday morning in two Tweets, “be for or against this Health Care Bill-but using words like “N*gger & F*ggot” should be kept out of this discussion-cause now we just–question your REAL motive. Keep this about the issue & NOT about the fact you oppose ANYTHING our Black President does. Calm down”
Jordan was referencing the fact that prominent U.S. Representatives were attacked with racial and homophobic epithets and spat upon for voting to make the first step toward securing adequate health care for Americans everywhere. Because the Liptonites (Get it? Lipton tea?) are angry and they haven’t been getting their way, their protesting and freedom of speech has turned to venomous hate language for absolutely no reason at all.
I agree with Jordan, if you disagree with the vote, disagree. Write a letter. A blog post. Call your congressman. Call the congressmen who voted a different way. Why are the epithets and spitting necessary? This behavior is not only vile and disgusting, it’s shameful. One congressman said he hadn’t endured such behavior since he was marching for Civil Rights in the 1960s.
If that’s not enough, there are even fools actually calling for the President’s assassination. One fool in particular, on Twitter, said that if he lived in Washington, D.C., “I’d shoot him myself.” Folks are all up in arms, as they should be, about this fools comments that he says were made in the heat of the moment. He claims that he said that foolishness at a time when his emotions were running high.
*blank face*
And, in case you didn’t click the link, the fool in question is black. Now, I’m not surprised that he said these things, because let’s face it, bat shit crazy people come in every color of the rainbow. I think I’m surprised at the aggression in his Tweets. I’m not naive, I know people grow ginormous balls when they are sitting in front of a computer screen, but this is the POTUS! Any threat made against him will be treated as real.
This crazy man’s Tweets and the Liptonites’ comments and signs are simply a side effect of free speech. The First Amendment guarantees the freedoms of speech, religion, the press, the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government. I think the initial goal of the tea parties was to say what they had to say in peaceful assemblies, but like everything touched by humans, it got flawed.
The tea parties have become over run with bigots looking to incite fear to push their own agendas. It’s sad really. I don’t think this bastardization (yea, I made it up) of the First Amendment is what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Bill of Rights. As a journalist and blogger, I’m all for free speech, but let’s be responsible about it. The kind of behavior displayed by these extreme protesters is nasty. It’s deplorable and it’s Un-American. Whether or not you agree with the POTUS and our lawmakers, it is our job to support them the same as we support the troops in these two totally senseless wars that Bush 43 started.
Now, let’s move forward and have some DISCOURSE and not just spewing of racist, homophobic ideology because you don’t have a counterpoint or a real reason for opposition. Do your research and come back with some facts that can be discussed and debated and not shouted at people like you’re in a high school cafeteria.

11 responses to “When I think tea baggers …

  1. Please do not besmirch the good name of Lipton. Isn’t there a lesser tea that we can disparage?

    I find it interesting that 1) there is no counter proposal for the hcr debate, just “no” and name calling. It’s a sure sign that they’ve run out of ideas.

    And the damn kid threatening our president-i don’t know where they are going to throw him in jail. The black inmates shouldn’t protect him and the Aryans won’t accept him either. Maybe he needs his ASS kicked by both groups.

  2. Kellie hill @BigFashionista

    I like you.
    You say intelligent things.

    But please, teabaggers?

    Grabs her mind from the gutter, giggles and goes to read the intelligent, informative article again x x x

    • Smarty P. Jones

      LoL! Thank you. They don’t call me “Smarty” for nothin’! And as far as “tea baggers,” I suggested calling them Liptonites, but Tyrone up there has an issue with it. How about Tetley Titans? Now they sound like a high school football team. *sigh* I’ll work on it.

  3. I will be the first to admit that I have no idea what’s written into the HCR, but I know there needs to be a change to the current state of health care in this country. Those who think “Your health, Your problem” are delusional. Whether they know it or not, those with healthcare already pay for those without. Every time someone comes to the ER for a minor issue (because they don’t have a private doctor) then can’t pay the bill, those with healthcare pay. Increase in medical cost, increase in premiums, increase in copay. If those who are against HCR could see what it’s like to go one year with a major illness and no healthcare, they would shut the fuck up. It really upsets me to see what I see at work on a daily basis, then hear these nut jobs and their ignorant arguments, but I will step down from my soapbox.

    And please tell me that the Secret Service is on this Twitter fool. I once had a patient in an ER in Baltimore say the he wished Bush would die. Not the he wanted to kill him, just that he wished he would die. I had to call it in, and the Secret Service was in The ER in less than an hour.

  4. you can call em ‘doggy baggers’ instead….
    nah waitaminnit, no you cant

  5. Don’t you wish you could deny the freedom of speech to some people? I saw a newsclip this weekend where this guy suffering from Parkinson’s sat in front of a healthcare protest, and one guy condescindingly started throwing money at him.

    Why aren’t these teabaggers ever around me?? I have warrants. What’s another night in jail?

  6. I agree with this …’Keep this about the issue & NOT about the fact you oppose ANYTHING our Black President does. Calm down’.

    I agree that the behavior you mentioned was over the top. I’m not a democrat or republican. I’m kind of an issue by issue guy that supports whoever gets the job done. But where was the outrage when President Bush was called Hitler, a dictator, and had a movie made that simulated his assassination? The hypocrisy is bullshit.

    • Smarty P. Jones

      There was outrage a-plenty. Mere criticism of Bush got folks labeled at Un-American. Politicians are going to be ridiculed regardless of what they do. It comes with the job. Personally, Personally, I’ve never seen anything depicting President Bush’s assassination. I’m pretty sure conservatives and Bush’s supporters were supportive and outraged through it all.
      Whether or not you agree with the POTUS, regardless of who he and in the future, she, may be, as an American, you support. You can criticize, but support. You can be upset, but support.
      I’ll be the first to say I called Bush 43 a dumbass on several occasions. Well, I call them as I see them. If all we see is you being a dumbass, it leads me to believe that you are a dumbass.

    • Crushed Velvet City

      that’s not being a hypocrite, there was all kinds of backlash for side talk about Bushy Baby
      I bet you were eatin’ McLean Deluxes back in the day with large fries, I personally thought it was dumb but if you did it I support your right to do so….got that, chum?

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  8. I agree with Tyrone,Lipton is the POTUS of all teas, let’s not drag it down with ignorant, crazy ass people.

    NOW, I wasn’t that surprised that the those crazy protesters resorted to such behavior. Their issue is not HCR, which will benefit mostly them is a Black Man that is now the Commander of their country. That’s how they see it. I have a really close friend that I found out organized a tea party in TX, we talked about what it was she thought was the problem and her husband kindly chimed in with what turned out to be race issues. I was more than disappointed in her, and if he knew how many Black men had been with his wife, he’d divorce her.

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