Southern Fried Vocab No. 10

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good Evening! Welcome to Smarty’s World. You are just in time for the 10th installment of Southern Fried Vocab! In case you missed us last week, you just take yourself right on over here and catch up!
In case you’re not familiar with the rules, they go a lil’ something like this. You will be given a vocabulary word or phrase, a definition and a sentence. You are hereby challenged to go forth and use it in conversation.
Though you may not see a logical place to insert these words into conversation, everything is always better when you cover it in flour and drop it in some hot grease.

The phrase of the week is Great day in the morning!

"Great day in the morning!"

Great day in the morning: an expression used to describe shock, dismay, disappointment or extreme happiness.

Child to Father: Deddy! Guess whut happ’n at school?
Father: Whut?
Child:These youngins was fightin’ and the teacher tried to break ‘em up and he fell. Then how ’bout they jumped on him!
Father: Great day in the morning!

Quick Review
In the South, particularly in North Carolina, we don’t, won’t or simply can’t just gasp as shocking news. We have to accept it, process it and find a statement to say to express our shock.
While “great day in the morning” is acceptable to use in several very different situations, it is a mouthful. In the event it’s too hot or you’re just too lazy, you may use the alternate expression “greeaat daaay.”
Now, go forth and use it in conversation!

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6 responses to “Southern Fried Vocab No. 10

  1. I have read and re-read this. Did it ever occur to anyone in the south that this makes no damn sense?!

    You know I’m trying to get to grips with all these phrases and in fact, the thing I like about this one in particular is that it doesn’t make any sort of sense, which actually makes it more likely that I will use it.


    • Bwahahahaha!
      OK, to put it into perspective for you, when I read your Tweet yesterday that you’d won the call from Idris, my immediate response was, “Greeeaat daaaay! I’m happy for her.”
      I literally said it out loud.

  2. This feature never ceases to amaze me. It’s also a really long phrase. Sweet jeebus.

  3. LORD My Nana uses this all the time. Example:
    Me: Nana I’m pregnant
    Nana: Great day in the morning, I didn’t think that would ever happen.
    ME: UHM OK.


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