Southern Fried Vocab No. 4

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and Happy New Year! Welcome to the fourth installment of Southern Fried Vocab. In case you missed last week’s word, go catch up.
In case you’ve not caught the rules, they go a lil’ something like this: you will be given a vocabulary word or phrase, a definition and a sentence. You are hereby challenged to go forth and use it in conversation.
Though you may not see a logical place to insert these words into conversation, everything is always better when you cover it in flour and drop it in some hot grease!

The word of the week is wrench.

You should wrench all vegetables before you cook 'em.

Wrench: to wash lightly, as by pouring water into or over or by dipping in water

Grandmother to grandchild – “Wrench that cup out and bring me some ice water.”

Quick Review
While you may use wrench as a noun, here, it is a verb and can usually be found in the sentence “wretch around and wrench it off.”

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5 responses to “Southern Fried Vocab No. 4

  1. up north, is it called “rinse?”

  2. after a few more lessons I’m going to go down south and try it out. you’d better not be setting me up, sucka!!!

  3. I can see it now – you use Smarty’s guide, try to sound like a local, and just get laughed at.

  4. That is not true, Tyrone. Jaded is just paranoid. You gonna believe me or a heffa with multiple voices telling her what to do?

    And yes, Nat, in other places, it pronounced “rinse.”

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