Let me be clear …

… Smarty P. Jones does not, I repeat, NOT advocate cheating of any kind.
It seems that a lot of my statements as of late have been taken out of context. Given the recent news of Tiger Wood’s stable, Shaq’s chick on the side and the Swizz Beats/Alicia Keys more than willingness to be the other woman, my Spidey senses have been piqued and my “this shit is wrong-o-meter” has been registering off the freaking charts lately.
The blogging crew and I have been discussing cheating, philandering infidels (redundant enough for you?) for weeks now. Before Woods, Keys and O’Neal, we’ve watched the news all year about Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Mark Sanford and even David Patterson last year.
Cheating, stepping out, getting a side piece – none of this is new. People have been cheating for years – decades – generations even. Some of us are products of cheating and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. For so long, women have been blaming the low down dirty dogs (men) who cheat, but you hardly ever hear anything about the women they are cheating with.
First of all, if I offend you, *shrug* so. Woman up or man up about your shit and stop cheating, that’s all. In all the aforementioned instances, the chicks these men were cheating with all new the men they were seeing were/are married. Did everybody read that? Go back to the beginning of the graf and read it again, I’ll wait … These heffas KNEW they were sleeping with and in some cases, forming relationships with married men!
While the men are certainly to blame for their wandering man parts, I put a lot of blame on these chicks, Miss Keys included. Now, Smarty, why would you do that? Well I’m glad you asked.
Women have the power to make men crumble, nations fall and get shit to moving with the treasure that is between their legs. Think I’m lying? How many men are being manipulated by their wives and girlfriends into doing stuff they don’t really wanna do so they can get laid in the end? G’head, count. I’ll wait …. You can’t count that high, can ya? I can’t.
This is all because men are being control by the goods. While all women have yet to tap into their, um, power source, there are some who have and they are using their powers all wrong! Foooooooooooor example – the skanks in Tiger’s stable. These chicks were all kinds of wrong. They have not yet tapped into their power. Why do I say that? I’m so glad you asked!
Had these heffas tapped into their power, we would have NEVER known where they were and we would not have had to. Had they tapped into their power, this would have simply been a weird ass car accident that got caught up in a slow Thanksgiving weekend. Why go public with the story that you slept with a billionaire? What could you POSSIBLY have to gain from that other than your lil’ 15 minutes of fame?
Had they tapped into their power source, they would have gone to him with all these messages and pictures FIRST! We would never have had to see them.
One heffa who did tap into her power though, is the chick who cheated on Gilbert Arenas with Shaq. Now, THAT heffa cheated UP! She looked around at her situation and saw room for improvement and she used her power to do so. Where she effed up is working all that on a married man. A married man who was married to a woman who was supposed to be her friend.
Not only did she break the rule, she broke the Golden rule. She slept with her friend’s husband over an extended period of time. They had a damn relationship. Now, maybe it’s just me, but Shaq’s wife deserves be able to sock that heffa in the mouth as soon as she has that baby. And yes, she is knocked up. It is supposedly Arenas’ baby, but I have my doubts.
Another heffa who knows of her power and also used it for bad is Alicia Keys. Say what you will about Swizz Beats marriage being on the rocks, but she had NO business getting herself into that mess. In fact, she should have run as far away from that shit as possible. Why even get tied up in that mess, regardless of what happens, it was always going to be tied to her involvement. She knew he was married, she decided to move forward with it anyway.
Am I taking the blame off Swizz Beats? Hell no, but had she not opened her legs and heart to him, SHE would not have been the one he cheated with. Any woman who allows herself to be with a married man is just as guilty as he is and should therefore be held to the same standards and responsibilities. Yes, he took the vow, but she helped to break it. While he is dead ass wrong for cheating on his wife, Miss Keys is dead ass wrong for allowing herself to become the heffa he cheated with.
If that’s not enough, she’s been gushing on Twitter about him and not caring what people say about them and their relationship. Keep in mind, his divorce is not final and he is still living in their house – with his wife and their child. She tapped into her power and she’s using it to someone else’s detriment and being arrogant about it.
Ladies, it is our responsibility to make sure we don’t allow ourselves or our friends to become the nasty heffas we talk about. Before you sleep with another woman’s husband, imagine how you’d feel being on the receiving end of a chick sleeping with YOUR husband and she KNEW he was married.
What people fail to realize is women take cheating personally, like it’s something they did or didn’t do. They need to know what it is about themselves that drove you to another woman. Cheating on a woman is the epitome of disrespect and it is doubly so if a bitch, yea I said it, KNOWINGLY sleeps with another woman’s husband. It’s the principle. You don’t EVER make another female feel the hurt, frustration and embarrassment of being cheated on – publically!
Whatever happened to the other woman staying in the damn shadows and being embarrassed by her actions? I’m not saying we should stitch a scarlet letter on their chests but these heffas have NO shame which in turn means they have NO pride. Go to your girls. Go to your mamas. Hell, go to church because something is off with your “this shit ain’t right-o-meter” because it keeps happening. Get it together ladies!

5 responses to “Let me be clear …

  1. Yup, I agree – as you recall, it started a bit of a ruckus on my blog when I said the women are just as much to blame as the men.

    Sadly though, that sense of shame seems to have all but completely gone. Especially when it comes to f**king someone famous. It’s like a badge of honour to these chicks.

    The only thing I disagree with here is what you said about the chick who cheated with Shaq ‘cheating up.’ She shouldn’t have stepped outside of her marriage – period. I don’t care if it was with the garbage man or Bill Gates. Wrong is wrong. There is no such thing as ‘cheating up’ – just cheating.

    • Technically, Shaq’s mistress isn’t married. She was shacking up with her basketball playing “fiance” and they have a couple crumb snatchers.

  2. Maybe I don’t have as much hostility toward Alicia Keys because I don’t care. Cheating is far too prevalent for me to pop a blood vessel when it’s revealed. Alicia was wrong, disrespected Mashonda and herself as well as allowed Swizz to disrespect both of them. She should have never participated in such a situation.

    Still, I put the blame on the man. Skanks & hussies abound creating opportunity after opportunity, but he made a vow. He made that promise. It was his lack of discipline. Someone is always willing to the be the other woman. It’s up to him to not grant that wish.

  3. How ’bout a round of applause, standing OVATION!

    I agree with you about the woman taking some of the blame because cheating is a two way street. Now don’t get me wrong there are instances where the man should take 1000% of the blame because the other woman didn’t realize she was the other woman (well not completely, there are always clues). but in the instance of these woman THEY KNEW! Tiger had a hugely public wedding, and Swizz Beatz pregnancy pics with his wife are all over the internet. SO these women ARE WRONG.

    A rocky marriage is not a reason to cheat, its a reason to get out of said marriage. That goes for celebs, regular jane/jon doe too. Cheating doesn’t make your already F-ed up situation better. its just going to make things worse, so get out and SPARE everyone the drama.

  4. *peeks in*

    Y’all still talking ’bout the cheaters?

    *walks away; waits for more shenanigans*

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